Buckhannon Academy Elementary

Mrs. Mason's Kindergarten 2017-18


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Math- We will start off our year looking at shapes and sorting. 
English Language Arts- We will review the alphabet, writing and recognizing their names, rhyming, categorizing, listening to and responding to stories and poems.
Science- We will explore trees and the changes through the seasons.
Social Studies- We will review procedures and expectations for each area of the school.
Writing- We will practice letter formation, illustrating and sequencing.

PBIS quarter perks

Students earn quarterly and midterm perks by losing less than 10 points per quarter. This is part of our school-wide PBIS program. The last perk WATER MANIA requires less than 5 points lost.


September 15- extra recess
November 16- dance in old gym
February 2- movie, snack and pajamas
April 17- walk to river walk and have popsicles